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  • What are the benefits?

    For Businesses

    If you’re a business that has services or items to offer your local community, then Grow-a-Group is for you.

    It could be marketing, legal expertise or simply meeting space, but as a business you can make a real difference to a local community group or charity. Grow-a-Group is a network designed to build on those potential connections, allowing business to offer their services and expertise for community groups to use.

    This is a cashfree community, but there’s a value to what you offer.

    Strong communities are good for business.
    Build Your Community
    Be active in the local community in which you and your staff live and work.
    Raise Company Profile
    Let others know by sharing stories from the community groups you engage with.
    Promote Employee Wellbeing
    Help staff be creative, positive and tackle issues that affect their lives.
    Align Business Strategy
    Support initiatives that match vision and goals.
    Measure Social Impact
    Collect hard evidence for your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
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