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  • What are the benefits?

    For Community Groups

    If you’re a charity or community group, Grow-a-Group can help you connect with businesses who have the skills and services you need.

    You might need legal skills, marketing or design work, a meeting space or communications expertise. Grow-a-Group is designed to help business offer you a practical solution to a problem or issue.

    This is a cashfree network, instead it’s about building a community.

    Strong businesses are good for communities.
    Obtain Specific Resources
    Find or request exactly what you need to achieve your goals.
    Raise Group Profile
    Let others know by sharing stories with the businesses you engage with.
    Boost Volunteers' Skills
    Benefit from valuable insights and practical knowledge from industry experts.
    Align Group Strategy
    Find businesses that share your vision and aims.
    Measure Commercial Support
    Collect hard evidence for future grant funding applications.
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