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    The Grow-a-Group effect

    The platform facilitated the connection between Genie and the Gutter and McEntegart Legal Ltd who were able to provide Genie with a pro bono UK trademark. In return, the charity will advertise McEntegart Legal td through their wide networks and within all of their marketing materials including the website - McEntegart Legal Ltd will be known and advertised as a supporter of the award winning charity.

    The participants experience

    Genie in the Gutter

    Genie In The Gutter supports active substance misusers and people with mental health issues from all walks of life. We provide a welcoming, safe, supportive and progressive environment where creativity and recovery meet. We have has been operating in the Liverpool area since 2008. We were attracted to Grow-a-Group for a number of reasons: we are expanding our digital engagement initiatives; we are expanding our commercial networks through CSR and other partnerships, and we are currently launching a new project that requires a trademark which was one of the services on offer through Grow-a-Group.


    The process of the whole initiative has been very easy. Following a couple of short telephone meetings and emails Francis had identified and sourced everything he needed to process the trademark and we are now waiting for it to be passed. I would definitely recommend the Grow-a-Group initiative to others, and we at Genie are looking forward to the potential of being further involved with Grow-a- Group in the future. Carolyn Edwards, Genie in the Gutter

    McEntegart Legal

    McEntegart Legal Ltd provide legal advice and guidance on a range of services including copyright, trademarks, design rights and intellectual property. A lot of businesses and charities consider protecting their trademark as an expensive process. The platform has enabled us to work with Genie in the Gutter and to protect their branding which otherwise could have been open to copying. Through Grow-a-Group the charity will now have a registered trademark at no cost to it and we have been able to work with a tremendous concept.


    We would have found it difficult to find a charity in need of this very specific resource without the help of the platform. Francis McEntegart, McEntegart Legal Ltd

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