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    The Grow-a-Group effect

    Wirral Bird Club were a well-established community group and knew exactly what they needed. After submitting a request to Grow-a-Group for a digital projector, it did not take long before receiving a response from Canopus Solutions and within 3 weeks Wirral Bird Club had received the projector. Currently Wirral Bird Club are planning their first group meeting where the projector will be used by the group to share stories about their favourite past time.

    The participants experience

    Wirral Bird Club

    Wirral Bird Club is for people who are interested in wild birds, from the beginner to the experienced - all are welcome. The aim of the Club is to promote bird watching and to provide opportunities for our members to share their knowledge through planned visits to interesting birdwatching sites and a programme of indoor meetings. We have always wanted a projector for the club, because it would allow us go into the local community and give our own presentations to other clubs and societies about the enjoyment and benefits of birdwatching. However we were unsure about which one would suit our needs best and due to the cost, this is something we've been unable to do.


    Our community group has been around a long time and we have a dedicated membership. We know small groups are always looking for speakers to come and give talks to their club or societies, so having our own projector would be a win-win situation for everyone. Hugh Stewart, Wirral Bird Club

    Canopus Solutions

    Canopus Solutions offer unique security services for organisations looking to recycle IT equipment. Originally we took pride that our company had an impact on the environment by keeping computer hardware out of landfills, but the security services we offer are highly valued by our customers. As we have grown we have looked for ways to give back, further than our environmental impact, into social impact too. We began supplying computers and IT equipment for education use and to small businesses and health organisations. We were interested in Grow-a-Group as a way to give something back to the grassroots community groups that we would otherwise struggle to reach. Sometimes it's easier to work with big charities, because it's difficult to know what's happening in the community and who needs your help the most.


    It's nice to know exactly how what you're doing is having an impact, I was able to chat with the Wirral Bird Club and I can keep up to date with how the projector is being used. It's nice to know that this small gesture has helped people enjoy doing something with others in their community. Adrian Fillingham, Canopus Solutions Ltd

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